The Names and Attributes of God

  When God desires to attest to His great power to accomplish His Word and work, He swears by His great name to carry out His purpose When we begin to understand, know for ourselves God's character, His desire to bring glory to His name and accomplish His purposes through us, we can apply the principle of Romans 8:28 (READ) to ourselves. It becomes a matter of God using us as His hands, feet, mouth, ears, etc, His instruments, if you like, to bring Him glory What an awesome Opportunity. Here are some verses where God speaks concerning the value of His Names: Jer44:26 Gen 22:16..Deut 32:39&40..Jer. 22:5 Amos 6:8 Heb 6:13

The three primary names of God:

  1. God ELOHIM, the strong, faithful One, a designation
  2. GOD or LORD JEHOVAH, the self-existent One~ a proper name
  3. Lord or ADONAI the sovereign Master or Lord, a title

Sensing the significance of each of these names, the translators of the KJV built in a "key"...when the name of deity in the OT is written "God" it is the Hebrew Elohim When written in all caps, it is the Hebrew Jehovah When it is written "Lord" it is the Hebrew name Adonai for sovereign or Lord and Master The Hebrew "El" means "strong one" and "Olan" means to "swear or pledge oneself" Pluralize "Olan" to Ohim, combine with "El" and you have"Elohim" God's OT. name, occurs 2000 times as the STRONG, FAITHFUL ONE who swears and pledges by Himself and is able to keep His Word Further, this Strong, Faithful One keeps His promises What His lips speak, His mighty arm performs: EXAMPLE Unconditional Covenant to Abraham; Gen 12:4._ a Land, a seed, a blessing JEHOVAH .His covenantskeeping name!

He desired to enter into covenant relation as Jehovah with those who would respond Thus, God's first distinct revelation of Himself as Jehovah was in connection with the releasing of the covenant people out of Egypt, His people, His special possession

Today He still takes the initiative in revealing Himself to us. And He still asks for a corresponding commitment of trust on our part. He speaks of those who enter this union as His bride and of Himself as the bridegroom who will return one day soon for His bride. He will take her to his abode, to love with Him forever are you ready?


Things to meditate on

bulletA His character: His essential quality or nature. Gal 5:22-25
bulletHis love, joy, peace, gentleness, patience, goodness, faith
bulletmeekness, self-control
bulletB His attributes: produced by or belonging to
bulletHe is Solitary . Gen 1:1
bulletHe is Infinite . Ex 3:14: Rev 1:8; Rev 22:13
bulletHe is Omniscient.. Heb 4:12-13; Matt 10:30; Ezek 11:5: Is 65:24,
bulletWilling to share with us: Gen 18:17: Jer 33:3; Lk 11:10: Jn 1624
bulletHe is Sovereign Col !: 16-17: Heb 1:3;
bulletHe is Omnipresent Psa 139:7-12; Jn 14:10-21; personal, Prov 18'24; Psa 46:1; I Kings 19:12;
bulletHe is Immutable ..... Heb 13:8: Psa 121:3:
bulletHe is Holy .............. Lev 11:44; Lev 19:2; I Pet 1:15-16;
bulletMan's sin magnifies God's Holiness: Gal 3:24: Rom 5:20: Jn 1:14
bulletHe is Gracious and Merciful, .11 Chron 30:9; Rom 5:8;
bulletLam 3::22-23: Psa 103:8-17; Our mercy to others:
bulletMatt 5:7; Matt 1823-25:
bulletHe is Just (Righteous).ls 45:21: Psa 11:7: Rom 1:17; I Pet 45:
bulletHe is Faithful ....... Psa 46:1-2; Psa 71:3: Psa 36:7: \
bulletGod is our steadfast, anchor amidst the storms and stresses of life Dan 3:17-19: Job 13:15; Rom 8:28; I Cor 10;13:

To believe that God is something other than what He truly is, is to take His name in vain

To deny his existence is to take His name in vain

To deny His creative power is to take His name in vain

To deny His holy standard for living is to take His name in vain

To deny His redemptive work at Calvary is to take His name in vain

To deny that He is coming again is to take His name in vain

JEHOVAH Redemptive name "The Lord Jehovah is my strength and my song. He also is become my Salvation.".. Is 12:2

Jehovah is often called the redemptive name of God. After sin entered human experience, it was Jehovah who sought the sinner.. As Redeemer, Jehovah revealed His holiness and His just demand for righteousness on the part of His creature. Then He hastened to display His love for the sinner by providing the sacrifice that covered sin with perfect blood. The experience of salvation is prerequisite to full appreciation of the blessings these names bring. God said, "1 appeared unto Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob by the name of God Almighty. but by my name Jehovah, I was not known unto them"...Ex 63

JEHOVAH-ELOHIM: .LORD GOD .... Maker, Redeemer, used distinctively of His relationship with man

He has:

bulletRight of our creator
bulletMoral authority over us
bulletGoverning power over our human relationships. Right of kinsman-redeemer, Gods right's and our responsibility primarily rest with God ..His covenant is HIS. proper response is OURS~


The holiest of GOD's names: The Great "1 AM, Self-Existent One. Denotes God's hatred of sin and love of sinners God's Redemptive/Covenant name not used until Exodus Read Ex 6:3

Israel had spent 400 years in Egyptian bondage, most if not all of their knowledge of God was gone God led them to the wilderness of Sinai where they encamped. taught them who Jehovah was:

"The LORD (Jehovah) is a Holy God" He gave them taws, over 400 of them that governed all their living (they were to be a special and separate, and peculiar people). Since Jehovah is Holy He hates sin and must judge it Jehovah, through the O.T. always carried out His judgments of sin by His name Jehovah.

Because of His Holiness He cannot compromise, He must judge. See this clearly in God's dealing with Pharaoh. ( Ex 5:1-2: Ex 6:1-8) God brought the people out of Egypt unto Himself He was not only their Creator but now their Redeemer. He made another covenant with them in Ex 19:5-9 (read). He laid down the moral law and they agreed to Obey (conditional). The penalty for disobedience was JUDGMENT because Jehovah is a Holy, Just God. Eventually as they became more and more disobedient they were overrun by their enemies, taken into captivity, cities ravaged and the temple in ruins. In Jeremiah 31 we read of the New Covenant, an unconditional covenant where God does all the promising and asks only that we receive His provision (read Jer 31 31-34)

ADONAI Lord. Master, Sovereign...refers to God and His relationship to us as our Master ..

A bondservant a relationship of love, the one mastered to the master. It is born out of loving respect, and obedience is given heartily. In return for obedience, the slave expects and receives direction, supervision and provision. In Exodus, Moses argued with the Lord about going back to
Egypt .but the Lord prevailed in His love and Moses called Him ADONAI.. signifying that he understood and received the commission. Disobedience was out of the question. In Joshua 5 we read that Joshua encountered ADONAI and fell on his face The Master has the right to expect obedience, as the servant has the right to expect his needs to be met..

Any study of the Names of God is an adventure into a real understanding of His character, as we shall see as we discuss the names themselves and the meaning behind each one. We will see revealed for us His Divine Attributes and all the richness of His personal character, the very character we are destined to "put on" and become. God makes very clear in His Word what He is like, He gives us specific illustrations and stones of His dealings with men in His perfection By this, we can know He is a trustworthy God and if alt else fails around us, He CANNOT!

Studying the character of God is Like examining a fine diamond the various hues and points are all beautiful but when you put them together, you see a jewel so fine it has great value to the one to whom it belongs. So it is with our God

Lord and Servant Lamb and Lion Shepherd and Lamb
Jehovah and Abba Alpha and Omega

ALPHA: Gen1:1&2 .Jn1:1-14...Rev 22:13
Time had a beginning, we had a beginning God never did Before any beginning began, He was, Jn 8:58. If He had no beginning, why did He give Himself the designation, Alpha? Perhaps because He is the great beginner?...Jn 1:3

TEACHER: Rabbi.. Psa 32:8 9:6 .Jn 3:2.. Rabboni is a special designation, given only to presidents of the Sanhedrin and descendants of Hillel, who was one of the greatest Jewish teachers, the teacher of Paul The term means, "great master". Blind Bartimaeus (Mk 10:51) and Mary of Magdela (Jn 10:16) both used this term for The Lord

Jesus is a teacher who:

Listens, Psa 17:6

  1. Knows the subject matter, Jn 16:13, 15; Jn 14:26
  2. Knows His students, Jn 14:17: Psa 139:1-5
  3. Can individualize instruction and challenge, I Cor 10:13; Psa 19:9
  4. Is a ready and effective counselor, Is 9:6
  5. Will help us meet our goals, Gal 5:25: Phil 1:6


This was The Lords personal name. It translates to mean, "Jehovah is the Savior" Christ is His title. It means Messiah, Anointed. It speaks to His character and His relationship to believers. In Acts 2:36, He is held up to the Jews as God's Lord and Christ The single title Christ is only used a few times, Rom 8:10; Gat 2:20: and Eph 3:!7 Lord is another title. It Is used as a title of ownership, as "master" or owner The Old Testament priests were called, "anointed of the Lord", Psa 18:50: Psa 2:2 In the New Testament, by adding THE, comes the acknowledgment of "the one and only", and becomes part of His proper name Lord Jesus means THE CHRIST! From the onset of His ministry, the people and His disciples called Him Lord Jesus. In the New Testament, it is the equivalent of the Old Testament Hebrew. Jehovah. From Hebrew it translates to the Greek, Kurios. and is thereafter used only of God and the Lord Jesus Thomas. in Jn 20:28 recognized Christ's Deity, Jehovah. when he called Himl "my Lord and my God".

REDEEMER. Job 19:25-27 and Is 44:6-8

Christ the Creator. made us and stamped us with His image. We became separated from Him which caused Him to buy back the right to own us by paying that awful price. He holds our purchase agreement written in His own blood., fools that we are, we keep trying to snatch back ownership to ourselves. Read Rom 12:1&2 . .Do you remember the hymn????

"1 will sing of my Redeemer
And His wonderful love for me
On the cruel cross He suffered
From the curse, to set me free

Sing, oh sing of my Redeemer
With His blood He purchased me
On the cross He sealed my pardon
Paid the debt and made me free."

LAST ADAM Gen 2:7; Gen 3; I Cor 15:20-25, 4547

It was an Adam, (the Hebrew word for man and is derived from the Hebrew for ground) who introduced sin into the world An Adam cut the chasm that separated Holy God from His creatures, His image bearers So, it had to be an adam. a son of Adam. Who would build the bridge back from eternal death. And it had to be an adam who was perfect, with no sin We cannot really understand how God did what He did. The Eternal God becoming a human embryo, locked inside a women's womb for nine months, born in a barn.. He must have cried as a baby as surely as He cried for His friend Lazarus One day He was exhausted and fell asleep in a boat, another day He became furious that His Father's house was desecrated, corrupted...and took action He enjoyed spending time with His friends and finally, submitted to the most humiliating of deaths, as a criminal on a cross AND...He experienced something no other adam need experience, total separation from the Father.

POTTER Is 64:8; Jer 18:6; Rom 9:21; Eph 2:10; II Cor 4:7

"Ouch, I don't like the way You're pressing and squeezing me
That's to work the air bubbles out, You say? So I won't crack later on? Oh. You wouldn't throw me on that moving wheel, would You? It's spinning so fast..I'm not ready for anything like that yet., But You're ready? And that's all that matters Hmmmmmmmm Hey, this hurts don't You think about my feelings at all'? Check out the scars on the Potter's hands' I don't think I tike being this shape, and the color of the glaze You've selected doesn't suit me. if you ask me.. You didn't ask me? Oh Surely you aren't going to make me just another ordinary water pot are You? I had hoped to be unique, a priceless object d'art Wait a minute, You weren't planning to put me in the kiln, were You? It's hot in there. Why if I do get out of that oven. I'll never be the same again...that was Your plan alt along, You say., to make me strong and usable. Ajar to hold living water! That the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of..oh yes, I think I'm beginning to see...Rom 9:20-21

Have thine own way, Lordf Have thine own way!
Thou art the Potter, I am the clay.
Mold me and make me, after Thy will,
While I am waiting, yielded and still
Adelaide Pollard, 1902


The word "editor" is another translation of finisher, perfecter. Eph 1 1-3; 2:10, Any human author can benefit from a good editor. The author conceives and brings to birth his own idea, The editor is a second pair of eyes seeing from a different way or a fresh perspective He perfects, polishes, puts the finishing touches and sees the work through to completion Jesus Christ conceived us as the idea before the foundation of the world., brought us to birth and the new birth! And He didn't stop there...He has the ability and the authority to see us, His" poem", Ph 2:10, through to completion, Phil 1:6.


ADVOCATE... Hebrews 2:16; 4:15-16; I Jn 2:1

What if you had to stand before the great Eternal Judge and present your own case!!!! Imagine yourself alone, clothed in your very best efforts, the prosecutor is shrewd and has all the resources of hell to draw on.. your key exhibit is your obedience to the law of would you fair? Scripture makes it clear, Rom 3:23, But. we don't have to present our own case Our Advocate stands in our place and is perfectly qualified to speak on our behalf, is totally familiar with our case.. Is 40:21-28 if we were dressed in our own righteousness, we'd be sunk! But He has provided the proper clothing! The Judge will share His wardrobe, we will appear in the clothing of God Himself And we won't stand alone, our Advocate will be there with us, will plead our case, and already we can rejoice in the verdict

My advocate appears for my defense on high;
The Father bows His ears and lays His thunder by
Not all that hell or sin can say
Shall turn His heart, His love away
Sir Isaac Watts

JEHOVAH-ROHI...Lord Ps 23:1

King David had a son named Absolom who organized an insurrection against his father. David and his faithful followers fled thru the
wilderness of Judah and over the Jordan During this time of public humiliation and facing an uncertain future, David wrote the 23rd Psalm. He was learning the meaning of trusting God for his daily provision.

EL- OLAM …. Eternal, everlasting, indefinite time, forever and ever The God of secrets

In Jos 24, Joshua told the people about their forefathers serving other gods in "olden times" (Olam, way back when). The Hebrews searched for a word to use for the idea of eternity hidden time. secret and unrevealed, "From everlasting to everlasting, thou art GOD.' .... from Olam to Olam, thou art God".

EI-ELYON ...."The Most High God"..Possessor of All, The Strongest, Highest. Distributor of blessing

Here in Gen14, is the first mention of El Elyon, as Abraham meets Melchizedek, King of Salem, who uses this name: El Elyon, Most High GOD, Possessor of heaven and earth.

Two characteristics of EL Elyon (Is 40:28)

  1. He faints not, He never wearies, He lives forever, He never ages
  2. We cannot search His understanding, we cannot reason Him out. we can only know "El Elyon" as He reveals Himself to us. Remember "eye hath not seen nor ear heard" I Cor 2

In the New Testament we have "secrets"...(1 ) the Church revealed at last, and (2) the Rapture and (3) parabolic teaching. Down through the ages we have mysteries and secrets revealed to us as El Elyon sees fit.

When life is a mystery to you, and life is taking a course you do not understand remember El Elyon, Who does not always show us the way when we think He should.. He is sufficient and His names alone should be reassurance to us that He is in control and is working things to His glory and our good.


El SHADDAI ...The Almighty, All Sufficient One" ..Gen 17 Comforter, uses these frail vessels to accomplish His work and will chasten if we can bear more fruit through discipline, Heb 12:6-12 A good illustration of this principle is the story of Ruth

*Elimelech. Naomi and two sons went to Moab to forget God,to a land cursed by God *Elimelech dies, two sons marry Moabite women, the two sons die. Naomi decides to return to her people. Daughter-in-law Ruth wants to go along because of her love for Naomi and Naomi's God.
Ruth (and Boaz, a picture of Christ as our Kinsman-Redeemer,) became one of four women named in the lineage of Christ. Illustrates God's dealing with individuals. (God had forbidden marriage to Moabites by Israelites, but because of Ruth's heart attitude. God showed her mercy)

JEHOVAH-SHAMM'AH...Ex 48:35.. "The Lord is there", "1 am God who Is there" Ez 48:35, the present One, the One who delights to be where His people are.

The great desire of the heart of GOD is to dwell in the midst of His people. This is not just words, this is an integral part of the character of GOD He could not fellowship with His creation until He made man... made in His own image.

  1. One who could understand GOD
  2. One who could talk with GOD
  3. One who could fellowship with GOD
  4. One who could fellowship with the Creator who made him

He wanted someone who could walk and talk with Him, be appreciated and learn to appreciate God. Jehovah Sham'mah made man to be WITH Him.

In Gen 3 it is God who does the seeking of Adam and Eve. In Rev 3, God stands at the door and knocks, saying... IF thou wilt. It is always God doing the seeking, man doing the running and hiding.

In Gen 5:21-24 we read about Enoch: (read Heb 11:5) "Enoch walked with GOD and he was not: for God took him . . ." No mention of Enoch's success in the financial realm, nor about his home or family, his bank balance or what civic organization he belonged to -- just one note -- He walked with God.

Why did God tell Abraham to leave his country, kindred and fathers house, go to a strange land? Because He wanted Abraham to learn to walk with Him. Breaking all ties and intimate relationships, living in a strange area, with strange people caused Abraham to develop a strong reliance upon God. Has God done that in your life? Abraham’s epitaph is beautiful, a pronouncement of God: He was a friend of God. Could God say that about you? God, Jehovah Sham'mah wants that more than anything -- a friend shares your hopes, dreams, desires, problems and cares Between true friends there is "agape' love -- seeking the will of God for the object loved. The tragedy of human history is that there have been too few humans who were and are willing to be that intimate with God. Jehovah Sham'mah reaches out today wanting us to come walk and talk with Him but we are all too busy.

To Israel. GOD revealed Himself, in a visible form called the "Shakinah Glory" It was this form that we read about in Exodus:...33:8-24/40:33-38 and Ez 11:14-23;14:8:;Ez 34-48..and 2 Chron 5:1-14 We can read in 1 Cor 10:1-13, that the Shakinah Glory in the Old Testament was what the Holy Spirit is to us in the New.

JEHOVAH SHALOM: "The Lord our Peace .... I AM the God who gives you peace" "Peace Giving One"... "Comfort to my soul". .Jude 6

Gideon was the first to call God Jehovah Shalom in Judges 6:11-24 .... peace in the midst of conflict The word "Shalom" translates to the concept of "total peace and well being" (Phil 4:7).

Safety is not the absence of adversity or conflict but the Presence of GOD.

JEHOVAH-TSIDKENU. "The Lord our righteousness .... I AM the GOD who teaches you justice" Matt 5:13-16: Jer 23:1-6

JEHOVAH-JIREH ...The Provider" Gen 22:13-14 Jn 3:16: 1:29; Rev 5, 6 & 12; Rom 8:28: Phil 1:6: Job 23:14; I Thess 5:24 Phil 4:8 II Tim 1:7 Matt 6:25; Phil 4:13, 19 Prov 18:24; Matt 28:20

JEHOVAH-ROPHE' ..."The GOD who heals". Ex 15:26 none of these diseases

JEHOVAH-NISSI: ..."The Lord my banner" (Ex 17:8-16) "1 AM the GOD who leads you to victory" ..I Tim 2:8

JEHOVAH-M'KADDESH "The Lord who sanctifies" Ex 31:13, God requires holiness but must provide it Himself. .Heb10:10: Jn17; Lev 20:7-8; I Peter2:5-9

JEHOVAH-SABBOATH. "The Lord of Hosts" (I Sam 1:3; 17:51) "Warfare, Service, Power" This name of God is used in the Prophets, in Jeremiah 80 Times, in Israel's times of great needs. "Host" refers to heavenly bodies, hosts God can marshall at any time because:  "the battle isn't yours, it's the Lords"

El-ROI 'The God who sees" .Gen 16, Psa 121:3-8

Hagar was Sara's maid, an Egyptian who had Egyptian household
gods, stony-faced idols that had never comforted her Here was Abrahams God
the living God seeing her and intervening in her life. There was rebuke, for Hagar had forgotten her place, that she was a slave girl. Her bad attitude toward her mistress is what caused the problem and EL ROI told her to go back and submit to her mistress.

Jacob in Gen 31:25, lamenting his 20 years in his uncle's boot
camp tells Uncle Laban "except EL ROI God, who has seen all my afflictions, that God who knows my 20 years of trouble, rebuke you, you would have sent me away empty handed EL ROI has seen my affliction and taken my part."

Moses in Ex 3:4-9 is told by EL ROI that He has seen the affliction of His people and has come to deliver them It seemed to Moses after 40 years of sheep tending in Midian that GOD had for gotten His people


We see EL ROI clearly in Revelation. John saw Him in Glory with "eyes like a flame of fire.. eyes that pierce and penetrate, from whom nothing Is hidden”:

bulletEPHESUS: "1 know thy works, labor and patience"
bulletSMYRNA: “1 know thy works, tribulations and poverty"
bulletPERGAMOS: '1 Know thy works, and where thou dwellest and that thou holdest fast My Name and hast not denied thy faith.”
bulletTHYATIRA: “1 know thy works and love and service and faith and patience and works"

For me as an older, single woman, it is a great comfort to know that I have a Heavenly Father that "sees".. wherever I am, whatever I do, where I go, He watches over me!

I trust this study of God's names and attributes has and will give you a more complete view of the God we love, Who loves us and allows us to be His...




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