Romans 12: 1 & 2

Reasonable Service...from Greek logic

In light of all the spiritual benefits we enjoy solely as the fruit of Godís mercy, it logically follows that we owe God our highest form of service. Understood here is the idea of priestly, spiritual service such as was an integral part of Old Testament worship.

Conformed...refers to assuming an outward expression that does not reflect what is inside, a kind of masquerade or act. (Here Paul is telling this group to stop what they have already begun.)

This World = age, system of beliefs, values the spirit of the age. This sum of contemporary thinking and values forms the moral atmosphere of our world and is always dominated by Satan.

Transformed = metamorphosis, a change in outward appearances that reflects our inner, redeemed natures daily. Like the Transfiguration.

Renewing the Mind = that kind of transformation only happens as the Holy Spirit changes our thinking-being saturated and controlled by the Holy Spirit/Word of God-study and meditation of Scripture.

Exhortation = the gift which enables a believer to effectively call others to obey and follow Godís truth.
Negatively: Admonish & Correct
Positively: Encourage, comfort & strengthens.

Shows Mercy = one who actively shows sympathy and sensitivity to those in suffering and sorrow, and who has both the willingness and resources to help lessen affliction. Frequently, this gift accompanies exhortation.


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