But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.   
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May 2010

Dear friends,

It appears we will have a lovely Memorial Day Weekend, at least from the current weather report. Here at Malaga, the pool cover is off,  the water is turning a pretty blue and the cross inlaid in the middle is visible. Clean up work is going on so I think summer is around the corner.

This past winter has been an “interesting” one for me personally, and not very pleasant most of the time. Some new health issues arose, mainly a kidney abnormality, that has raised my pain level a good bit. The new meds I was given by the specialist interacted badly with a couple of my regular meds, the effects were very unpleasant , debilitating and long-lasting. But I am improving and very grateful to all who prayed for me, especially my men, who faithfully prayed after “bugging” my good friend and co-worker Chaplain Bruce Crossland to call me often for updates , and to Sara who kept the men in other prisons updated also. They are good prayer warriors!  Additionally,  I am very grateful to my family who cared for me , and ministered to me more than they will ever know. My old and dear friend retired Chaplain Dave Wilson was a special encouragement.

As for Wings, most of what we do ran on “auto-pilot,” business as usual. After 29 years, I guess that’s says something. Sara continued her wonderful job with the Keep In Touch correspondence aspect of Wings. We on the outside really don’t know how much a piece of mail means, especially if you have no family. Birthdays, Christmas and other family events matter to them as much as to the rest of us. Consequently, with no family, we become their family and they appreciate (and show it) the remembrance. In fact Sara talked with me about doing a mailing every month which I agreed to happily. She collects bits and pieces of interesting trivia, pictures, puzzles and games, and writings and drawings the men send us. Our mailing list has 150-200 names plus we send the mailings as well as devotional material to Ranch Hope. Over the years we have developed groups of men in prisons in Florida and in Penna. Usually it happens when a NJ inmate is transferred to an out-of-state facility, and he starts sharing with other men. The same thing happens within the state between prisons, a man gets moved and takes Wings along with him. It is a very effective ministry and keeps the Gospel moving among “the least of these my brethren.”   

Mid-winter I was able to purchase some much needed Bibles. I learned recently that as men are moved around from prison to prison, they are not always allowed to take “books”...even their Bibles. Consequently, we go through a lot of them. Six cases went to Southern, three to East Jersey State Prison and two went to Trenton State Prison. We also ordered 8000 Christmas cards, most went to Southern and then I received a request from EJSP for cards and devotionals. We also ordered 1,000 Mother’s Day cards for Southern. Each quarter we mail out 150 Daily Breads and Today In the Word devotionals. This past Christmas we were not able to do our regular Christmas event at Ranch Hope. After the holidays I had opportunity to talk with Dave Bailey and we discovered there had been some miscommunication and he did indeed want us to bring Christmas to the Ranch. Our men and the boys there really “mesh.”

Before the holidays, Bruce Crossland and I discussed continuing my teaching by mail. I thought and prayed about it, the Lord brought a couple of other positive factors into play, and I began it. Our mailing list plus Bruce’s additions as new men came into Southern was a good starting point. Well let me tell you, I was overwhelmed, and am still getting requests to be added. Currently I have 45 men involved actively. A side effect was finding men who had been in my classes had questions and we had no time to talk after class. Now, they can ask their questions and I have plenty of time to answer.                 God is incredibly merciful and gracious, I cannot praise Him enough. Attached is a letter from Chaplain Bruce I thought you might enjoy reading, I appreciate his kind words. I guess that does it for now. I thank you for your support , all the reading material you supply , your prayers and love.

His love and mine,
Lynne Farow, Founder,
Wings of Eagles Min. 

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