But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.   
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Nearly thirty years ago, God led me to begin working with alcoholics and addicts, and eventually with prisoners. He led me in a rather unorthodox way, by contacting the Chaplain of a nearby prison. The reason was that in my learning experience with addicts and alcoholics, I had a couple of men that went to jail, and later  into the state prison system. The Chaplain was Rev Paul Pedrick from Leesburg, now called Bayside. He arranged for me to come and visit the men in the Chaplain's office. He felt there was value in using me as a counselor with some of the men  and invited me to return. First it

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was a day a week, then two days. Then we had lunch with the Chaplain of the newly opening Southern State Correctional Facility right next door. That Chaplain invited me to spend some time in his office counseling his men. Eventually, I also gave a day a week to

Trenton State Prison, our only maximum security prison in New Jersey. I have always worked for the Chaplains, under their authority, as a volunteer.

Many people think of prison ministry as those folks that come in once a month to do a service or teach a Bible study. This IS prison ministry for sure, but there are so many needs beyond services and an occasional Bible study. What is most needed, is consistent teaching, of the Bible most assuredly, but also teaching about life & life lived in the Spirit, for God...and living it HIS way! Classes are taught inside the prison by social workers, on behavior modification, anger management, healing, etc...all good attempts at changing the men. But as Christians, we KNOW the only way to change a person is through receiving Christ, and renewing the mind by the washing of the Word of God. Only Christians can teach and model these things! Living it out in front of people is still our most effective witness to inmates and living it consistently and clearly can also influence the staff. Generally speaking  the staff of most prisons are very skeptical of volunteers...but as they see us live it out before them over a period of time, they give ground.

I love what I do...teach classes on Basics Christian Principles,  and on individual  books of the Bible and for seventeen years I have taught a class on Dr David Seamonds book, "Healing for Damaged Emotions." This material is so effective because it shows men where their problems are, where they came from and what the solution is. My classes are always full, with a waiting list. Completions earns them a certificate signed by the administrator. There are so many things that could be taught if there were people available to tech them...anger management from a Christian perspective...parenting...husband and wife leadership, etc. My heart aches to see more of God's people, particularly strong men, good role models...get involved.

One of the few areas Jesus mentioned to His disciples as a place to minister, was prison... "I was in prison and you visited me" about you? 

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