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But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.   
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Lynne has been a Christian since 1974, serving the Lord in a full-time capacity since 1981. When she founded Wings of Eagles Ministries, Inc to serve prisoners and their families in New Jersey State Prisons. She is a former businesswoman and used her resources to begin her work. Her son Bill, who had recently graduated from Philadelphia College of Bible, joined her in her business property, now dedicated to housing addicts, alcoholics, and former prisoners. 

The work has been through many trials and hard times, not being the  most popular missionary work. However, it has been very successful in New Jersey prisons, always working through the Office of the Chaplain, and enjoys a solid reputation counseling/teaching with measurable results. 

After thirty years of ministry in New Jersey our work has progressed into other prisons in 7other states. We are currently serving more than 400 prisoners and former prisoners in those 7 various states.  We are seeing this need continue to grow rapidly because the of the quality of ministry and materials that Wings provides.

In 1989 Bill  took a pastorate in Pa., and Lynne moved to Essex County in North Jersey to work with former prisoners to which they had ministered. Aftercare has always been a concern of Chaplains and Lynne developed a means of aiding newly released men economically. She worked with wives as well as the men.

Wings was featured in an article in the Atlantic City Press.

There are  many who could testify to the effect that Wings has had on live throughout the years.   Pastor Stephen Eckardt was Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church, the Church Lynne attended when Wings started and was a Board Member for the initial years of Wings existence.  He recently made these comments:

In 1979 I took over the pastorate of Lynne Farrow's home church.  It wasn't long after my arrival that I recognized God's hand on her life.  She shared my hunger to reach out to people that others had given up on.  The Lord had given her a heart for these hurting people, especially those young men and women who seem to pop up all around us - aimless souls trying to get somewhere in their lives but not having a clue as to where to go or how to get there.  They meander through life bumping into one obstacle after another.  They often try to make amends but usually make matters worse in the end.  Sometimes they hear what sounds like good advice or they pick up a book on the newest solution to "self-improvement."  They make an attempt to follow the steps, turn over the "new leaf", try everything they can to add something to their shattered lives.  They're the kind of people Jesus spoke of who try to put a new piece of cloth on an old garment, making a temporary "fix" but soon find the garment to be torn beyond further repair, or so it seems.  Lynne often found herself dealing with people who felt they had nothing left - no chance for further repair; they tried "everything" and "nothing worked"; "might-as-well-give-up"'; NO HOPE.  Others gave up on them, tossed them out of their lives:  Lynne used the term "throw-away people" to describe many of these young men and women. 

I saw Lynne's desire to do something to catch these people before the fires of hell would consume them.  She epitomized the kind of person C. T. Studd said he aspired to when he penned, "Some would like to live within the sound of church or chapel bell, but I'd rather run a rescue-shop within a yard of hell."  I honestly felt Lynne, and others in my rescue-mission life, caught some of these poor souls with the "smell of smoke" already tarnishing their lives - they were that close to a hopeless eternity. 

I had the joy of assisting Lynne in getting Wings of Eagles started - taking its first steps toward flight.  It wasn't easy and yet Lynne, Bill, and others "waited" on their Almighty God, Isaiah 40:31, who lifted them with His Eagle Wings and set them soaring.  Oh yea, the flight wasn't always in pristine weather!  Many a storm came into their lives, but the eagle-wings were strong because of the God-given "wind beneath their wings" to keep them aloft.

Wings ultimately entered the "territory of the damned" when Lynne touched the prison system.  She knew that prison offered her a very captive audience where God had always been working:  "...I was in prison and you visited Me..."  She knew this would give her opportunity to provide the kind of "rehabilitation" that doesn't try to rehabilitate anyone!!  You don't repair a wreck - you start with a NEW LIFE that only Christ can give and Lynne had the joy of helping many men and women find that New Life in Christ!!


Frank Pennington was one of the earliest men to become involved with Wings and rapidly became one of our "adopted sons" (It is not quite clear who adopted whom, but it is a fact, none-the-less!).  He is a convicted sociopath serving 3 consecutive life-terms and is one whose life story would truly curl your hair.

That's the bad news; the good news is that he now knows Christ, and is where he belongs (he understands and is content to be there).  He knows the Lord, has learned the Scripture backwards and forwards over the years, he supports Wings with his tithe every single month without fail, and is active telling others  in the jail about Christ and about Wings.  Frank is a living testimony to the greatness of "The God of All Mercy".  I'm glad I'm not the one that will sit on that throne and be the judge of all men.  Frank recently sent us a note of testimony about his involvement with us over the years:

OK, you asked for some memories. It has been so long but two come to mind right away, the one was when I was there in Port and had the chance to play SANTA. I think you may remember that one since you had to have a picture of me stepping out of the fireplace. That was a fun day for me and I wish I could do it all over again ha ha.

My mother was here (at the prison) when you and the church ladies sent me a food package for my birthday, you sent me a German Chocolate Cake but, by the time I got it the mailroom had destroyed it by placing it in the bag on its side so that I had a German Chocolate mess. However, most of 3-DD (His unit) had a ball and enjoyed the cake to no end and it all turned out to be a fun day after all, plus, the cake was Goooooood!!

OK Mom, I wish I could remember more, after all, like you said, we have known each other for so long but right now, I cannot for the life of me remember a lot of things from the past, in fact I have been having a few problems remembering one day to the next but it is all OK and I am doing fine. 


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